Get a file with FTPS


The Get a file with FTPS action can get files with FTPS.


General Tab

Option Description

Workflow action name

The name of the workflow action. This name has to be unique in a single workflow.

FTP server name / IP address

The FTP host.


The FTP port.


The FTP username.


The FTP password.

Proxy host

The FTP proxy host.

Proxy username

The FTP proxy username.

Proxy password

The FTP proxy password.

Connection type

The type of connection to establish.

  • FTP

  • Implicit SSL

  • Authentication SSL

  • Implicit SSL with crypted FTP connection

  • Authentication TLS

  • Implicit TLS

  • Implicit TLS with crypted FTP connection

Test connection

Test the connection.

Binary mode

Whether or not to use binary mode.


The timeout period.

Use active FTPS connection

Whether or not to use an active FTPS connection.

Files Tab

Option Description

Remote directory

The directory at the remote server.

Check folder

Check if folder exists.

Remove files after retrieval

Remove files at remote after download.

Move files after retrieval

Move files at remote after download

Move to folder

The folder in which moved files will be put.

Create folder

Whether or not to create the folder.

Target directory

The target directory.


Browse the filesystem to a target directory.

Include date in filename

Whether or not to include the date in the file name.

Include time in filename

Whether or not to include the time in the filename.

Specify Date time format

Date time format

The date time format.

Add date before extension

Add date before or after extension.

Don’t overwrite files

Whether or not to overwrite existing files.

If files exists

What to do if files already exist.

  • Skip

  • Give unique name to local file

  • Fail