The Apache Hop team just released version 2.1.0. The immediate next goal for us is to release version 2.2.0 with over 100 fixes and improvements.

Here are a few directions that we want to explore for the future of our software:

  • Authentication plugins for various security providers (3.x)

  • Integration with authentication for the VFS plugins (3.x)

  • S3 compatible object store support through updated AWS libs (3.x)

  • Creation of a 'hop' command with sub-commands (3.x)

  • Set up a software marketplace where 3rd party plugins can be found (3.x)

  • Finish conversion of all plugins to generic XML serialization to allow for JSON/YAML/…​ metadata serialization of pipelines and workflows (3.0)

  • Pluggable field expressions in transforms and actions (4.x)

  • Integration with Apache Airflow both in Airflow and as a new Workflow engine plugin

  • Environment level plugin support for hardware and software setup validation

  • MongoDB: API update to support Atlas

  • A new docker/k8s pipeline/workflow engine

  • Render pipelines/workflows as SVG in Hop Web

  • …​