A new month, a new roundup! We’re getting very close to a first preview release, expect it to see the light of day in the coming week (don’t haunt us if it’s a week later). We have continued to walk the path of major code cleanup and refactoring. Because we don’t want to bore you with the technical stuff (those interested in the technical stuff come and ask in our #dev channel ) here is an overview of what you can see.


We removed the old interface. Hop now comes with the new UI. Simplified, flexible and future proof.

After implementing the transform interface the workflow interface has been included too

Interface 1



Extra options on transform action:

Transform action


As stated in the previous post, we’re moving all actions to separate plugins. This adds flexibility to the entire code base and allows for smaller, more custom deployments in the future.

Current status:

  • Database plugins: all done

  • Workflow actions: all done

  • Transform actions: 40 done, about 100 to go

The transform actions are more complex since some of them need significant code refactoring, so this will be an ongoing process.


We received a contribution for the pt_BR locale. Hop is now available Brazilian Portugese.

Check the Translator below to find out how you can help to translate Hop into your language


We also included the Hop Translator for community members who’d like to translate Hop to their native language, or complete the current translations for the project.

In the hop folder you will find a hop-translator.sh script.


This program requires a local clone of the hop project, and will show you what has been translated and what is on the to-do list. Instructions on how to use the translator can be found in the Translation Contribution Guide

Exit Transformations, Enter Pipelines

We started the refactoring of the code base to reflect the new Hop terminology.

A 'transformation' now is a thing of the past, we entered 'pipeline' territory, and a pipeline’s file extension changed from 'ktr' to 'hpl' (Hop PipeLine).

We’ll continue to go through this refactoring process: 'steps' will become 'transforms', 'jobs' will become '(work)flows', 'job entries' will become 'actions'.


First up is our preview release! After this release we’ll rely on you all to create tickets and provide us with valuable feedback on how we can continue to improve the project.

After this initial preview release, we’ll continue the code cleanup and will start making the runtime engines pluggable, Apache Beam will be the first engine we’ll support.