The Apache Hop team just released version 0.99. It offers our users the chance to test critical functionality before version 1.0 is released.

After that our community wants to graduate as a top level project.

Here are a few directions that we want to explore for the future of our software:

  • Set up a software marketplace where 3rd party plugins can be found

  • Pluggable field expressions in transforms and actions

  • Integration with Apache Airflow both in Airflow and as a new Workflow engine plugin

  • Modularisation of the Apache Beam plugins

  • Further unification of Beam plugins, for example make the Beam BigQuery Input plugin work in non-Beam engines as well

  • Finish conversion of all plugins to generic XML serialization to allow for JSON/YAML/…​ metadata serialization of pipelines and workflows

  • Create a new GUI for executing, previewing and debugging pipelines and workflows with care for long-running and streaming workloads

  • Create a monitoring and logging network service capable of accepting operational metadata from local and remote Hop executions, even on clusters (Beam)

  • Convert the Neo4j logging perspective to a generic logging perspective with room for plugins exposing the underlying strength of the logging sink.