Issue Priorities

Issue Priorities

Priority 0: Outage

This is reserved only for the most critical of bugs halting all development on the project.

Example Priority 0 issues:

  • the build is broken, halting all development

  • the website is down

  • a vulnerability requires a point release ASAP

Priority 1: Critical

This is considered a high priority. Most P1 bugs should block a release. P1 bugs should not be unassigned and require frequent status updates.

Example Priority 1 issues:

  • regression in integration tests

  • important component is nonfunctional

  • performance regression

Priority 2: Default

Most tickets fall into this priority. These can be planned and executed by anyone who is interested. No special urgency is associated, but if no action is taken on a P2 ticket for a long time, it indicates it is actually just P3/nice-to-have.

Example Priority 2 issues

  • typical feature request

  • bug that affects some use cases but don’t make a component nonfunctional

Priority 3: Nice-to-have

Nice-to-have improvements.

Example Priority 3 issues

  • feature request that is nice-to-have

  • ticket filed as P2 that no one finds time to work on

Priority 4

Nice-to-have improvements that are also very small and easy. Usually it is quicker to just fix them than to file a bug, but the issue can be referenced by a pull request and shows up in release notes.

Example Priority 4 issues

  • spelling errors in comments or code

  • sonar code smells