After more than three months of work on 83 tickets, the Apache Hop community is pleased to announce the general availability of Apache Hop 2.9.0.

A huge thank you to everyone who made this possible.

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or download Hop 2.9.0 right away.

Apache Hop 2.9.0 comes with a lot of bug fixes, code hardening and a couple of new features.

Static Schema

Static Schema Metadata Type

One of the first things new Apache Hop users learn when reading data from files is to use the Get Fields button to detect a file’s layout.

Even though this is a straightforward way to get a decent estimate of schemaless input files, sometimes you know what the layout of a file is, and just want to apply a known layout to your file.

The new Static Schema Definition in Apache Hop 2.9.0 lets you do just that: create a static file definition, and use that definition to specify the layout in your input transforms.

After a static schema definition has been created in the metadata perspective, it can be used in transforms like the Text File Input, CSV Input, Excel Input and more.

Static Schema Metadata Type

Static Schema Definition

Static Schema Metadata Type

Schema Mapping transform

The Static Schema Mapping transform lets you map your current stream to a Static Schema Definition.

Fields that are available in the Static Schema Definition but not in your input stream are added with empty (null) values.

Static Schema Mapping

CrateDB database dialect and bulk loader


CrateDB is an enterprise database for time series, documents and vectors, based on PostgreSQL.

Apache Hop 2.9.0 comes with a new CrateDB database dialect and a new CrateDB Bulk Loader transform.

The bulk loader uses the CrateDB HTTP endpoint or COPY command for bulk loading.

CrateDB Bulk Loader


  • The REST transform now supports a configurable timeout

  • The database join transform now supports caching

  • Azure blob storage improvements

  • Redshift Bulk Loader dialog was rewritten to align with the CrateDB bulk loader

  • Improvements in database schema/table listing widget

  • Lots of new and updated translations

  • Lots of new and updated documentation


The Hop community continues to grow!

The overview below shows the community growth compared to the 2.8.0 release in March:

  • chat: 780 registered members (up from 729) join

  • LinkedIn: 1.776 followers (up from 1.682) follow

  • Twitter/X: 947 followers (up from 915) follow

  • YouTube: 1.100 subscribers (up from 1.020) subscribe

Apache Hop Community Growth

Without community interaction and contribution, Hop is just a coding club! Please feel free to join, participate in the discussion, test, file bug tickets on the software or documentation, …​ Contributing is a lot more than writing code.

Check out our contribution guides and Code of Conduct to find out more.

GitHub Issues

This release contains work on 83 tickets by 9 contributors, with maxbbse and xdelox as new contributors.

Check out the full list of issues in Apache Hop 2.9.0 in our Github Issues and the Release notes.