Apache Hop (Incubating) 0.70 Release Available!

The Hop community is pleased to announce the availability of the Apache Hop (Incubating) 0.70 release. This release contains about 2.5 months of work. Since our 0.60 release in late January, we’ve seen a lot of activity in a variety of areas. Hop contributors not only worked on code: we’ve received contributions in artwork, translations, documentation etc. We have more than 45 new plugins, and a total of 223 jira tickets were implemented.

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Apache Hop (Incubating) 0.60 released

Less than three months since Project Hop joined the ASF Incubator (late October 2020), we’re happy to announce Apache Hop 0.60, our first release as an incubating project at the Apache Software Foundation. Apache Hop (Incubating) 0.60 - Source only As stated earlier, one of the main goal of the incubator program is to give projects the time to adopt "The Apache Way". As such, it took us a bit of time to get the entire process straightened out.

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