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The Schema Mapping transform maps fields from and incoming stream over a specified Schema Definition. The result of this transform is an output stream that conforms to the mapped Schema Definition

Supported Engines

Hop Engine



Maybe Supported


Maybe Supported


Maybe Supported

Schema mapping is a useful mapping transform to precede transforms like Text File Output or Excel Writer when we decide to refer to a Schema Definition to map the output layout of the file. By preceding these transforms with the Schema Mapping, the incoming stream will be already setup according to the expected output layout definition.


Option Description

Schema Definition

Name of the Schema Definition that we are going to map to the incoming stream.

Schema Fields

The set of schema fields that are mapped to stream fields.

Stream Fields name

The set of stream fields that are mapped to schema fields.

  • Use Get fields button to fill in the available fields from the incoming stream.

  • Use the Mapping button to show a Mapping Dialog that will support the mapping process between the stream’s fields and the schema fields.