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The XSD Validator transform performs an XSD validation against data in a file or in an input field.

XSD is short for XML Schema Definition.

As such, there are 2 entities at work here:

  • The XML you want to validate the layout for

  • The XSD (Schema) file that describes what the XML file should look like.

To make matters more complex, it’s possible to store the XSD inside the XML itself.

Supported Engines

Hop Engine



Maybe Supported


Maybe Supported


Maybe Supported


Option Description

Transform name

Name of the transform.

XML Source

  • XML source is a file : check this if the XML file is defined as a filename in the XML field

  • XML field : the field to read that contains the XML filename or the XML content itself

Output fields

  • Result fieldname : the name of the result field

  • Output String field : check this option if you want to specify specific messages after validation:

    • Display if XML is valid : the message if the XML was valid.

    • Display if XML is not valid : the message if the XML wasn’t valid.

  • Add validation msg in output : check this if you want to add a validation message in the output.

  • Validation msg field: the name of the validation message field.

XML schema definition

XSD source : select one of these options:

  • The XSD source is a file, let me specify the filename (specify below in the XSD filename field).

  • The XSD source is a file, defined in a field (specify below in the XSD filename field).

  • The XSD source is defined inside the source XML.