Hop Joins the ASF

Apache Hop - Incubation Proposal Accepted From the very start with Hop, we haven’t exactly been secretive about our intention to join the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and donate Project Hop to the ASF as Apache Hop. After almost a year of work on Project Hop, we’re very happy to announce we’ve reached a first milestone: the Apache Hop proposal was submitted to the incubator mailing list on September, 9th and has been accepted!

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Preview Release 0.30

It has been about 2 months since our latest release, and a lot has happened! We’re happy to announce to availability of our 0.30 preview release. Please take it for a spin. If you find a bug, please create a bug ticket, if there’s functionality you’d like to see, please create a feature request. Direct download here Getting Started Guide Release Notes: 0.30 Over 100 tickets have been closed in this release, here we will discuss the major changes.

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Roundup July, August 2020

We released 0.30 in late July, followed by a couple of weeks of slower progress because of summer holidays, but here we are with a roundup for July and August. After all the heavy lifting we did in the first half of the year, Project Hop now entered a feature-freeze phase. The focus now is on bug fixing, documentation and hardening the platform. Minor new features may continue to appear, just don’t expect any spectacular new functionality for now.

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