Evaluate row numbers in a table


The Evaluate Row Numbers In A Table action you can define the success condition that can be evaluated and branch the workflow process by the result.

You can either just test the number of rows in a target table, or write a custom SQL statement.

For the success condition you can check the number of rows if they are:

  • Equal to

  • Different from

  • Smaller than

  • Smaller or equal to

  • Greater than

  • Greater or equal to


Property Description

Custom SQL

Check this option when you want to specify a custom SQL statement in the below field

Use variable substitution

Variables in the SQL statements will be substituted.

Clear list of result rows

Clears the internal list of result rows before executing.

Add rows to result

Adds all rows returned from the SQL statement within the internal list of result rows. This list of result rows can then be used in subsequent workflow actions to loop over or e.g. within a pipeline by the Get rows from result transform.