Hop vs Kettle

Hop initially (late 2019) started as a fork of the Kettle (Pentaho Data Integration).

Hop and Kettle/PDI are independent projects, each with their own roadmap and priorities. Given these different roadmaps, architectural vision and development track, Hop and Kettle/PDI are incompatible.

However, since Hop shares a common history with Kettle/PDI, we provide the Hop community a way to import existing PDI/Kettle projects into Hop as seamlessly as possible.

Check the following pages to find out more:

  • Hop vs Kettle: a comparison between the concepts and approaches in Kettle/PDI vs Hop

  • If you know Kettle provides guidance on how to get started with Hop quickly if you’ve used Kettle/PDI before

  • Import Kettle explains how your existing Kettle/PDI projects can be imported into Hop