Breaking changes to the API

This guide can be used to upgrade your plugins to work with Hop 2.x Releases.

Hop 2.x will contain breaking API changes to further cleanup the backend and improve the codebase for further development, this document will change a general overview on what has been changed and what you should do to upgrade your external plugins. If you need detailed information or support on upgrading your plugin you can contact the developers using our Dev mailing list.

HOP-1605: Boolean naming convention

This release will be used to update some naming conventions that may inpact your development

We are renaming boolean getters and setters to the isBoolean or hasBoolean naming convention

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HOP-1888: Rename package org.apache.hop.pipeline.transform.errorhandling

The package name org.apache.hop.pipeline.transform.errorhandling did not cover the actual content of the package, therefore it has been renamed to

If you use the errorhandling package in your plugin you will have to rename it to stream in order for it to be found in the next release.

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HOP-3262: Simplify the APIs of transforms

The interface ITransform and ITransformMeta are no longer generic. Only the BaseTransform and BaseTransformMeta implementation classes are generic.

The getTransform and getTransformData methods of the BaseTransformMeta class are replaced by methods that use the generic parameters. Attention to the order of the parameterized classes is important, add additional parameters at the end:: Transform<Meta, Data, …​> TransformMeta<Main, Data, …​>

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