Neo4j Generate CSVs

The Neo4j Generate CSV transform writes files for nodes and relationships to the import folder for use with Neo4j’s neo4j-import tool.


Option Default Description

Transform name

Neo4j Generate CSVs

Graph field


The field in this pipeline that contains the graph data (Graph data type)

Base folder (below import/ folder)


the folder to write the nodes and relationships types to

CSV files prefix


prefix to apply to the generated CSV files

Node/Relationships Uniqueness strategy


* None: don’t handle uniqueness while generating CSVs * First: if duplicates are found, keep the first occurrence * Last: if duplicates are found, keep the last occurrence

Please note that primary key of all nodes written to a CSV file needs to be unique. The uniqueness strategy used in this transform is simple in nature and loads everything in memory. Because of this you can consider using a Sort transform to force uniqueness beforehand.

Filename field


field that contains the filename for the CSV files to be generated

File type field


field that contains the file type for the CSV files to be generated