Hop User Manual

The Apache Hop User Manual contains all the information you need to develop and deploy data solutions with Apache Hop.

We’ve listed a number of starting points that might find useful to you. Check the full list of topics on the left hand side. If you’re a developer and want to extend Hop, want to build new functionality or want to fix a bug you found, check the developer documentation

Hop treats documentation as any other part of software that can have bugs or missing features. If you find any incorrect information or are missing a crucial piece of documentation, please create a JIRA ticket.


Check the documentation contribution guide if you’d like to help us improve the Hop documentation.


The Getting Started Guide will help you to get started with Hop in no time

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Check the Hop Gui guide for information about how to develop, run, test, debug and deploy Hop pipelines


Workflows are Hop’s tool to orchestrate workflows and pipelines, perform environment validations, error handling and much more with the available actions


Pipelines are Hop’s work horse: read from sources, write to targets and perform just about any manipulation on your data through hundreds of transforms.


Check the list of supported databases

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Check the Run Configurations if you want to find out more about running your Hop pipelines on Apache Spark, Apache Flink or Google Dataflow over Apache Beam.