Unique Rows


The Unique Rows transform removes duplicate rows from the (sorted) input stream(s).

For unsorted input streams, check the Unique Rows By Hashset transform.


Option Description

Transform Name

Name of the transform this name has to be unique in a single pipeline.

Add counter to output?

Check this option to add a counter field to the stream.

Counter field

Define the counter field name.

Redirect duplicate row

Processes duplicate rows as an error and redirect rows to the error stream of the transform. Requires you to set error handling for this transform.

Error Description

Sets the error handling description to display when duplicate rows are detected. Only available when Redirect duplicate row is checked.

Fields to compare table

Specify the field names on which you want to force uniqueness or click Get to insert all fields from the input stream(s) You can choose to ignore case by setting the Ignore case flag to Y.