Hop Tools

Hop contains a number of tools that are optimized for the various tasks Hop developers and administrators need to perform.


Hop Gui is the visual IDE where Hop data developers create, test, run and manage the life cycle for workflows and pipelines. In addition to functionality for development and life cycle management, Hop Gui contains tools and perspectives to manage projects and environments, to search and manage metadata, to manage and version control a large variety of files and to explore logging in a Neo4j graph.

Hop Gui is designed to be platform independent. Hop Web is a version of Hop Gui that works on browsers and mobile devices, and will be available in the very near future.



MacOS, Linux


Hop Conf

Hop Conf is a command line tool to manage various aspects of your Hop configuration: projects, environments, cloud configuration and more



MacOS, Linux


Hop Encrypt

Hop Encrypt is a command line tool that obfuscates or encrypts a plain text password for use in XML, password or metadata files. Make sure to also copy the password encryption prefix to indicate the obfuscated nature of the password. Hop will then be able to make the distinction between regular plain text passwords and obfuscated ones.



MacOS, Linux


Hop Run

Hop Run is a command line tool to run workflows and pipelines, with options to (list or) specify projects, environments, properties and run configurations.



MacOS, Linux


Hop Search is a command line tool to search all metadata available in a specific project or environment.

Hop Server

Hop Server is a web service interface to manage and run workflows and pipelines.



MacOS, Linux


Hop Translator

Hop Translator is a gui tool that allows non-technical users to translate Hop in their native language.

check the Translation Contribution Guide if you want to find out more about translating Hop.



MacOS, Linux