Delete Folders


The Delete Folders action deletes a set of folders and their content.


Option Description

Workflow action name

The name of the workflow action.


Copy previous results to args: Enable this option if the folders you want to delete come from the result files of the previous action in the workflow.

Success on

Success condition : select one of : * When no error reported : everything deleted just fine * When at least x folders processed : specify x in the Limit field below * When the number of errors less than : specify the max nr of errors in the limit field below


This is the list of all the folders to delete. You can use the Folder field and these buttons to maintain the list:

  • Add : add Folder field to the list of folders

  • Folder …​ : select a folder

  • Delete : remove the selected folders from the list

  • Edit : move the selected folder to the Folder field for editing