Zip File


The Zip File action creates a standard ZIP archive using the options you specify in the dialog.


General Tab

Option Description

Workflow action name

The name of the workflow action.

Get arguments from previous

This checkbox takes the filename specification from the result rows of a previous workflow action. This is what will be taken from the rows.

  • The first field has to contain the filename or folder.

  • The second field should contain the inclusion wildcard

  • The third field should contain the exclusion wildcard.

  • The fourth field should contain the target zip file (this can be different for each file).

Source directory

The source directory of the files to be zipped

Include wildcard

The wildcard (regular expression) of the files to include in the zip archive

Exclude wildcard

The wildcard (regular expression) of the files to exclude from the zip archive

Include sub-folders

Enable this option to search files in sub-folders

Zip file name

The full name of the destination archive

Create parent folder

Create the parent folder if it doesn’t exist

Include date in filename

Add the date to the file name

Include time in filename

Add the time to the file name

Specify date time format

Allows you to specify the date/time format mask,

Date time format

The date time format mask, like yyyy/MM/dd HHmmss

Show filename

Shows an example filename based on the options you specified

Advanced Tab

Option Description


The compression level to be used (Default, Best Compression, Best speed)

If zip file exists

The action to take when there already is a file at the target destination.

After zipping

The action to take after zipping

Move files to

The target directory to move the source files to after zipping

Create folder

Create the folder to move to

Stored source path depth

This is the part of the source file path which is taken over in the ZIP file archive structure.

Add Zip file to result

Enable this option to add the target zip file(s) to the result