Azure Storage


The scheme you can use to access your files in Azure Blob Storage is



To get access to your Azure storage files you need to configure a few things:

  • The name of your storage account in Azure

  • The key of your storage account in Azure

You can find both in the Storage Accounts section of your Azure portal.

  • A file block size : This needs to be a multiple of 512 bytes.

All 3 options can be set in either the Hop GUI options dialog (Menu: Tools / Options) or using the following Hop Conf ( or hop-conf.bat) command line options:

      -aza, --azure-account=<account>
                            The account to use for the Azure VFS
      -azi, --azure-block-increment=<blockIncrement>
                            The block increment size for new files on Azure,
                              multiples of 512 only.
      -azk, --azure-key=<key>
                            The key to use for the Azure VFS

Once done you will see an azure entry in the central hop-config.json file:

  "azure" : {
    "account" : "storage-account-name",
    "key" : "a/key-comprised-of-a-long-set-of-characters-and-numbers==",
    "blockIncrement" : "1024"

Usage and testing

To test if the configuration works you can simply upload a small CSV file in an Azure Storage folder and then use File/Open in Hop GUI. Then you type in azure:// as a file location and hit enter (or click the refresh button). Browse to the CSV file you uploaded and open it. If all is configured correctly you should be able to see the content in the Hop GUI.