Pipeline Run Configurations


Run configurations decouple the design and execution phases of Hop pipeline development. A pipeline is a definition of how data is processed, a run configurations defines where the pipeline is executed. Hop comes supports a number of different runtime engines, each of which will be described in more detail in this section. Each run configuration comes with its own set of parameters and configuration options, all of which are stored as Hop Metadata.

Choosing a Run Configuration

When starting a new transformation click New next to 'Pipeline run configuration'. All run configurations have a name, description and an engine type, each engine type has its own set of configuration options.

Once created, run configurations are available from the 'Pipeline run configuration' list and are ready to use.

Hop Configuration Selection


Main Tab

The main tab contains the name, description and the dropdown list for the available engine types.

Option Description


The name you want to use for this pipeline run configuration.


A description you want to use for this pipeline run configuration (optional).

Execution information location

The Execution Information Location to use with this pipeline run configuration.

Execution data profile

The Execution Data Profile to use with this pipeline run configuration.

Engine type

The available engine types are:

Check the Beam Capability Matrix to help you decide which Beam engine works best for your pipeline.

Variables Tab

This tab allows Hop developers to specify a set of variables to be used in the run configurations.

Option Description

Variable name

A variable name.


The variable value.


A description for the variable. The description is optional but recommended.