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The Azure Event Hubs Writer transform allows you to write messages (events) to a streaming service bus called Event Hubs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Supported Engines

Hop Engine



Maybe Supported


Maybe Supported


Maybe Supported


Here are the important options to fill in to get the transform to work:

  • Event Hubs namespace: the name of your Event Hubs namespace

  • Event Hubs instance name: the name of the Event Hub, the instance itself.

  • SAS Policy key name: the name of the policy in the "Shared Access Policies" section of the Event Hubs Namespace in the Azure dashboard. This needs to be a policy with the "Send" claim enabled.

  • SAS Key connection string: You can use the value in the policy labeled "Connection string–primary key"

  • Batch size: the number of messages (events) to send in one batch with each call to Azure.

  • Message field: the field containing the message to use as the events. Please note you can use a transform like JSON Output or "Java Script" to assemble the message.