Azure Event Hubs Writer


The Azure Event Hubs Writer transform allows you to write messages (events) to a streaming service bus called Event Hubs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.


Here are the important options to fill in to get the transform to work:

  • Event Hubs namespace: the name of your Event Hubs namespace

  • Event Hubs instance name: the name of the Event Hub, the instance itself.

  • SAS Policy key name: the name of the policy in the "Shared Access Policies" section of the Event Hubs Namespace in the Azure dashboard. This needs to be a policy with the "Send" claim enabled.

  • SAS Key connection string: You can use the value in the policy labeled "Connection string–primary key"

  • Batch size: the number of messages (events) to send in one batch with each call to Azure.

  • Message field: the field containing the message to use as the events. Please note you can use a transform like JSON Output or "Java Script" to assemble the message.