Get Mail from POP


The Get Mail From POP action retrieves mails from a POP server and stores them into one or more files.


Option Description

Workflow action name

The name of the workflow action.

Source Host

The host name or IP-address of the pop server.


The username to log in with.


The password to log in with.

Use POP with SSL

Check this if the POP server uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer, Encrypted).


The port to run the SSL POP connection over.

Target directory

The directory in which you want to put the mail files.

Target filename pattern

The filename pattern (start of filename).


Select the e-mails to retrieve: all, unread or a selection of the first e-mails.

Retrieve the .. first emails

Allows you to specify the number of emails to retrieve if "first …​ emails" is selected.

Delete emails after retrieval

Check this if you want to delete the mails on the pop server after retrieval.