Beam Window


The Beam Window transform adds event-time-based window functions using the Beam execution engine.


Option Description

Transform name

Name of the transform, this name has to be unique in a single pipeline.

Window type

  • Fixed

  • Sliding

  • Session

  • Global

Window size (duration in seconds)

Sets the window duration size in seconds, default 60.

Every x seconds (Sliding windows)

Sets the slide window duration in seconds.

Window start field

The field containing the window start time.

Window end field

The field containing the window end time.

Window max field

The field containing the max duration between events.

Window Types


Fixed or tumbling windows are used to repeatedly segment data into distinct time segments and do not overlap. Events cannot belong to more than one window.


Sliding windows produce an output only when an event occurs and continuously move forward. Every window will have at least one event and can overlap. Events can belong to more than one window.


Session windows group events which arrive at similar times and filter out periods of time when there is no data.

The window begins when the first event occurs and extends to include new events within a specified timeout. If events keep occurring the window will keep extending until maximum duration is reached.


Global windowing is the default in Beam and ignores event time (spanning all of event time) and uses triggers to provide snapshots of that window.