Get Mails (POP3/IMAP)


The Get Mails (POP3/IMAP) action retrieves mails from a POP3 or IMAP server and stores them into one or more files.



Option Description

Server Settings

Workflow action name

The name of the workflow action.

Source Host

The host name or IP-address of the pop server.


If checked A secure connection will be used to communicate with the server.


If checked XOAuth2 will be used to authenticate with the server.


The port to run the SSL POP3 or IMAP connection over.


The username to log in with.


The password to log in with.

Use proxy

check to enable proxy authentication

Proxy username

proxy authorised user (only available if Use proxy is checked)


Choose between

  • POP3

  • IMAP

  • MBOX

Test connection

Click this button to test the provided settings

Target folder

Target directory

The directory in which you want to put the mail files.

Create folder

check to create the specified target directory if it doesn’t exist

Target filename pattern

The filename pattern (start of filename). The default pattern is name_{SYS|hhmmss_MMddyyyy|}_#IdFile#.mail

Save message content

check to save the message body text for retrieved email messages

Get mail attachment

check to save the attachments for retrieved email messages

Different folder for attachment

check to save the attachments for retrieved email messages in a different folder than the message body

Attachment files folder

the folder to store attachments for retrieved email messages in (only available if Different folder for attachment is checked)

Attachment wildcard

the wildcard to use to save attachments for retrieved email messages (none = all)


Action: this dropdown box lets you specify the action to perform on the retrieved email messages:

  • Get messages

  • Move messages to folder (IMAP only since POP3 only knows one folder "INBOX")

  • Delete messages

Option Description

POP3 settings


Select the e-mails to retrieve:

  • All emails

  • Retrieve first …​ emails

Retrieve the .. first emails

Allows you to specify the number of emails to retrieve if "first …​ emails" is selected.

Delete emails after retrieval

check to delete the mails on the pop server after retrieval.

IMAP settings



IMAP folder

the folder on the IMAP server to retrieve messages from

Include subfolders

check to select messages for subfolders from the selected IMAP folder


choose one of

  • Get all messages

  • Get new messages

  • Get old messages

  • Get read messages

  • Get unread messages

  • Get flagged messages

  • Get not flagged messages

  • Get draft messages

  • Get not draft messages

  • Get answered messages

  • Get not answered messages

Retrieve the first…​emails

specify the number of messages to retrieve

After retrieved

specfiy the action to perform on email messages after retrieval:

  • Do nothing

  • Delete message

  • Move message to folder

Move to folder

move the retrieved messages to a different folder on the IMAP server (if Move message to folder was selected)

Create folder

create a folder on the IMAP server to move the messages to if it doesn’t exist.


Option Description


Sender (FROM)

messages will be filtered on sender

Recipient (TO)

messages will be filtered on recipient


messages will be filtered on subject





messages will be filtered on the specified text in the email body

Received date




Choose a date or date range. The available options are

  • None (default, don’t filter on received date)

  • Equal to Date 1

  • Smaller than Date 1

  • Greater than Date 1

  • Between Date 1 and Date 2