Cassandra Exec CQL

The Cassandra Exec CQL action executes one or more CassandraQL statements on a Cassandra cluster.

You can use it to create or drop key spaces, tables, indexes and so on.

If all statements executed successfully the result will be true (success).


  • Cassandra Connection: You can specify the name of the connection to use either as a fixed value or as a variable expression. There are buttons to the right of the input field to hel you manage the metadata.

  • CQL Script: You can enter one or more CQL statements ending with a semi-colon on a new line.


WITH replication = {'class':'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor' : 3}

Result rows

It’s possible to perform one or more queries in this action. The output of the queries will be added to the result rows of the action. You can access these with the plugins like the Get Rows From Result transform or in the JavaScript action. Please note that result rows are kept in memory so this is intended for small queries, for example getting information from the system_schema tables.