Run SSH commands transform Icon Run SSH commands


The Run SSH Commands transform allows you to execute commands over the secure shell (ssh) TCP/IP protocol.

You can pass text to stdout or stderr in the commands. This information can then be picked up by the transform and passed in a field to subsequent transforms.

Supported Engines

Hop Engine



Maybe Supported


Maybe Supported


Maybe Supported


General Tab

Option Description

Transform name

Name of the transform.

Server name / IP address

You can specify the server or IP address of the machine on which you want to execute a command.

Server port

The TCP/IP port on which the ssh protocol lives on the server. The default is 22.


The timeout in seconds. If set to a number larger than zero you can specify a non-default connection timeout.


The username to log in with.


The password to use.

Use key

Enable this option if you want to log in using a private key

Private key

The private key file. The private part of a private/public RSA key-pair (see: ssh-keygen)


The optional pass-phrase used when the key-pair was generated.

Proxy host

The proxy server host to use (name or IP address).

Proxy port

The proxy server port to use.

Proxy username

The proxy user name.

Proxy password

The proxy password .

Test connection

Use this button to see if the supplied credentials are sufficient for logging into the SSH server.

Settings Tab


Option Description

Response field name

The name of the String output field that will contain the output of the executed command. This is the concatenation of both the stdout and stderr command output.

Error response field name

The name of a Boolean output field that will contain true if there was an error and false if the ssh command was executed successfully.


Option Description

Get commands from field

Enable this option if you want to execute commands specified in an input field

Commands field name

Select the input field that will contain the commands to execute


Field allows you to specify the commands to execute.