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The Email Messages Input transform allows you to retrieve messages and their attachments from a mail server using the POP3, IMAP or MBOX standard protocols.

Supported Engines

Hop Engine



Maybe Supported


Maybe Supported


Maybe Supported



On this tab you will find the general mail server connection settings:

Option Description

Transform name

Name of the transform.

Source host

The mail server host

Use SSL?

Check this option if your server needs an SSL connection


If checked XOAuth2 will be used to authenticate with the server.


The username of the mailbox to connect to


The password to use

Use proxy?

Check this option if you want to connect through a proxy.

Proxy username

The username to connect to the proxy with

Fetch in batches?

Enable this option if you want to retrieve larger volumes of mails in batches

Ignore errors reading fields

Sometimes a server doesn’t support the retrieval of a particular piece of information. Enable this option to ignore these errors.


Specify either standard protocol POP3, IMAP or MBOX to retrieve the mails

Test Connection button

This will simply try to connect to the mail server with the specified settings. This button does not retrieve mails.


POP3 settings

Option Description


Specify either "All emails" or "Retrieve first…​ emails"

Retrieve the …​ first emails

Allows you to specify how many mails you want to retrieve at most in one go

IMAP settings

Option Description

Get folder from field

Enable this option to allow the IMAP folder name to be present in an input field of this transform.

Folder field

The folder field in case the option above is enabled.

IMAP folder

The IMAP folder to retrieve mails from

Test folder…​ button

Use this to test if the folder is valid

Open button

use this to select the IMAP folder

Include subfolders

Check this option to also retrieve mails from sub-folders


Specify which mails to retrieve: Get all, new, old, read, unread, flagged, not flagged, draft, not draft, answered or not answered messages.

Retrieve the first …​ emails

Specify how many emails to retrieve at most

Batch settings

Option Description

Batch size

Number of emails to retrieve at once in one batch

Start at message number

The first message number to start retrieving at

End at message number

The last message number to end retrieving with


These are the filters you can set on the header of the mail message. Mail for which the header matches your filter will be retrieved, the rest is ignored.

Option Description

Sender (FROM)

Only retrieve