Dropbox VFS


The scheme you can use to access your files in Dropbox is



You need to set up an OAuth 2.0 access for Dropbox by using stored access tokens.

  1. Create an app at your Oauth2.0 provider Dropbox: (See Dropbox documentation)

    1. Open a browser and go to https://www.dropbox.com/developers

    2. Select My Apps and click Create app

    3. Choose the API dropbox API . Choose the type of access that you need. Give a unique name for your app. Then, click Create App. Dropbox displays the App Settings panel for the app that you created

    4. In the App Settings page, select Access token expiration to 'No expiration' and then click Generated Access Token

    5. Note the value of the access token that you created

  2. Specify this access token in the Hop system configuration:

    • This can be done in the Hop GUI: go to the "Dropbox" tab in the Options dialog (from the Tools menu)

    • You can also use the hop-conf script with the following options:

      -dbxt, --dropbox-access-token=<accessToken>
                            Configure the access token to Dropbox

Once done you will see a dropbox entry in the central hop-config.json file:

Usage and testing

To test if the configuration works you can simply put a small CSV file in Dropbox and then use File/Open in Hop GUI. Then you type in dropbox:// as a file location and hit enter (or click the refresh button). Browse to the CSV file you uploaded and open it. If all is configured correctly you should be able to see the content in the Hop GUI.

A the moment, this implementation can’t upload file larger than 150 MB.