Hop Gui

The Apache Hop GUI is your local development environment to build, run, preview and debug workflows and pipelines.

Start the Apache Hop GUI

As we’ve seen in Hop Tools, starting Hop-Gui is easy:

On Linux or Mac:


On Windows:


Walking through the Hop GUI

After starting the Apache Hop GUI, you’ll be presented with the window below.

Hop Gui Overview


Let’s divide the view into three parts:

Hop Gui Overview

  • the menu bar includes options mainly for managing pipelines and workflows and the Apache Hop GUI configuration.

  • the main toolbar includes the New option to create files (pipelines and workflows) and metadata, and the options to manage projects and environments.

  • the perspectives toolbar includes switcher icons between the various perspectives.

Let’s see how we can use Hop Gui to do what Hop is all about: create pipelines and workflows!

INFO: check the Hop Gui section of the Hop documentation for a more detailed tour of the Hop Gui.