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The Sort Rows transform sorts rows based on the fields you specify and on whether they should be sorted in ascending or descending order.

The transform optionally only pass unique records, based on the sort keys.

You use can use multiple copies of the Sort Rows transform to speed up large sort operations. Make sure to add a Sorted Merge transform after the sort to correctly merge the streams of sorted that are generated by the various sort copies.

Supported Engines

Hop Engine



Not Supported


Not Supported


Not Supported


Option Description

Transform name

Name of the transform, this name has to be unique in a single pipeline.

Sort directory

The directory in which the temporary files are stored in case when needed; the default is the standard temporary directory for the system

TMP-file prefix

Choose an easily recognized prefix so you can identify the files when they show up in the temp directory.

Sort size

The more rows you store in memory, the faster the sorting process because fewer temporary files must be used and less I/O is generated.

Free memory threshold (in %)

If the sort algorithm finds that it has less available free memory than the indicated number, it will start to page data to disk.

Compress TMP Files

Compresses temporary files when they are needed to complete the sort.

Only pass unique rows?

Enable if you want to pass unique rows only to the output stream(s).

Fields table

Specify the fields and direction (ascending/descending) to sort. You can specify whether to perform a case sensitive sort (optional)

Get Fields

Click to retrieve a list of all fields coming in on the stream(s).

Metadata Injection Support

All fields of this transform support metadata injection. You can use this transform with ETL Metadata Injection to pass metadata to your pipeline at runtime.