Configuration Perspective

Icon: gear

Keyboard shortcut: CTRL-Shift-C


The configuration perspective offers a central location for all Apache Hop configuration options.


The configuration perspective groups configuration options in the following tabs:

  • General options control the behavior of Apache Hop and Hop Gui.

  • Look & Feel control how Hop Gui looks like on your desktop or in your browser.

  • Plugin options provide configuration options to control the behavior of your available Apache Hop plugins.

  • System variables allows you to set and configure Apache Hop global variables.

Detailed configuration tabs overview


The General configuration tab allows you to configure the core Apache Hop options.

Option Description Default

Hop configuration filename

the location where Apache Hop will store the configuration file. This configuration file will contain your project and environment information and global variables.

set the environment variable HOP_CONFIG_FOLDER to set this location dynamically to allow easy switching between different Apache Hop versions and installations. read more


Preview data batch size

number of rows that will be shown when previewing through the Pipeline run toolbar or from transform preview dialogs.

INFO: this setting complements the preview option that is used in the native local pipeline run configuration, which can be accessed through the data grid preview data icon in the bottom right corner of transforms after a successful run.


Use database cache

enable caching for relational databases


Open last file at startup

reopen the last used files and select the last used file when Hop GUI starts


Autosave changed files

Automatically save changed workflow and pipelines files


Automatically split hops

Automatically split hops when a new transform or action is dropped on a hop.

Hops will be shown in bold when a transform or action can be dropped on it


Show Copy or Distribute Dialog

Show a pop-up dialog to ask the user to confirm whether data should be copied or distributed (round-robin) to subsequent transforms in a pipeline


Ask user when exiting

Show a pop-up dialog to let the user confirm before exiting Hop GUI


Clear customer parameters (transforms/plugins

Deletes all custom flags and parameters in the dialogs of the transforms and plugins

on click

Auto collapse palette tree

Collapse or expand the categories in the context dialog

no (expanded)

Display tooltips

Show tooltips where available in Hop GUI


Show help tooltips

Show help tooltips where available in Hop GUI


Use double click on canvas

double-click instead of single click on e.g. transform and action dialogs.

enabled: double-click on a transform or action icon to open its properties. A single click on the icon opens the context dialog. disabled (default): (single) click on a transform or action icon to open the context dialog. (single) click on a transform or action name to open its properties


Use global bookmarks in the file dialog

Bookmarks in the file dialog are global (across projects) by default. Enable to make them project-specific


Look & Feel

The Look & Feel configuration options allow you to configure various aspects of Hop GUI’s behavior.

Option Description Default

Default font

the default font to use in Hop GUI

Noto Sans - 10

Fixed width font

the default fixed width font to use in Hop GUI

Monospace - 10

Font on workspace

the font to use in the workspace

Noto Sans - 10

Font for notes

the font to use for workflow and pipeline notes

Noto Sans - 10

Icon size in workspace

the default size for action and transform icons in workflows and pipelines


Line width on workspace

line width to use for hops in workflows and actions


Dialog middle percentage

percentage to use to determine a dialog’s position


UI zoom level

default zoom level to use for workflows and pipelines in Hop GUI


Canvas Grid Size

default grid size to use for workflows and pipelines in the Hop GUI editor


Show Canvas Grid

show the grid (dotted) for workflows and pipelines in Hop GUI


Hide the menu bar

Do not show the menu bar. If enabled (default), the menu options are available from the Apache Hop icon in Hop GUI’s upper left corner.


Show a toolbar above tables

Show a toolbar with options to cut/copy/paste, move lines up/down etc in table views (e.g. in preview dialogs, transform configuration options)


Dark mode

use dark mode. This options is read only (can’t be changed). Your operating system’s theme settings are used by default.


Preferred Language

the default language to use in Hop GUI.

Check the Translation Contribution Guide to translate Apache Hop to your native language.

English (US)


The plugins tab contains configuration options that are provided by the various plugins in Apache Hop.

The following plugins are available by default:

System Variables

The System Variables tab contains the available system variables in Hop GUI.

Check the Variables documentation for more information about the available variables and their default values.