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The Google Sheets Input transform reads data from a Google Sheets worksheets.

This transform requires a Google service account (JSON file) and a Google Cloud project with the Google Drive and Google Sheets API enabled.

Supported Engines

Hop Engine



Maybe Supported


Maybe Supported


Maybe Supported


Service account tab

option description

JSON credential key file

Lets you specify or browse for spreadsheets existing in the service account drive or for the ones that are shared with the service account email.

Application Name

Your application name for the service account in the Google Developer Console.


lets you specify an https timeout (in minutes, defaults to 5).


lets you impersonate your service account. Check the Google docs for more information.

Click the Test Connection button to verify your specified JSON credential key file for your service account can use the Google Drive and Spreadsheets APIs and has access to your Google Spreadsheets. On success, you will see a Google Drive API: Success! message.

Spreadsheet tab

option description

Spreadsheet Key

specify the key for the Google Spreadsheet you want to read from. Click the "Browse" button to get a list of available spreadsheets.

Worksheet Id

specify the worksheet id (title) for the sheet in your Google Spreadsheet you want to read from. Click the "Browse" button to get the list of available worksheets in the selected Google Spreadsheet.

Fields tab

Lets you select from the fields of the sheet.

Fields name are always defined in the first line of the google spreadsheet.

Get Fields lets you get fields and guess their types, format, precision, decimal and group delimiter as well as trim type.