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Apache Doris is a modern MPP analytical database product. It can provide sub-second queries and efficient real-time data analysis. With it’s distributed architecture, up to 10PB level datasets will be well supported and easy to operate.

Apache Doris can meet various data analysis demands, including history data reports, real-time data analysis, interactive data analysis, and exploratory data analysis. Make your data analysis easier!

The Doris Bulk Loader allows you to insert data into Apache Doris at high speed and volume, making it a faster way to load data than using the traditional database insert statements.

Supported Engines

Hop Engine



Maybe Supported


Maybe Supported


Maybe Supported



Option Description

Transform name

Name of the transform; This name has to be unique in a single pipeline

FE Host

Hostname of the FE Host


Port used to connect to the FE Host

Database Name

The database you want to connect to

Table Name

Table name to bulk load records to

Login User

User used to connect to the database

Login Password

Password to connect to the database

Data Field

The Data has to be combined to a single field, this can be a csv style field or json data


Indicator to tell the transform it is expecting CSV style or JSON style data

Line Delimiter

The Delimiter used to indicate line endings

Column separator

When using CSV style data this will indicate what character to split fields on

Buffer Size

Size of the buffer in bytes (0 = unlimited)

Buffer Count

Buffer Size * Buffer Count is the max capacity to buffer data before doing real stream load (0 = unlimited)


Option Description


Use this to add extra option to the bulk load command