Workflow Log


workflow log

Allows to log the activity of a workflow with a pipeline.

A workflow log streams logging information from a running workflow to a pipeline.

The only requirement for the receiving pipeline is that it starts with a Workflow Logging transform. Other than that, the logging pipeline is "just another pipeline". In this logging pipeline, you can process the logging information and e.g. write to a relational or NoSQL database, a Kafka topic etc


The samples project comes with an example workflow log.

Check the metadata perspective for the workflow log workflow-log-example. This workflow log is configured to send logging information for the workflow ${PROJECT_HOME}/reflection/generate-fake-books.hwf to the logging pipeline ${PROJECT_HOME}/reflection/workflow-log-example.hpl.

Workflow Log


Option Default Description


The name to be used for this workflow log



Logging parent workflow only


Pipeline executed to capture logging

the pipeline to process the logging information for this workflow log

Execute at the start of the workflow?


Should this workflow log be executed at the start of a workflow run

Execute at the end of the workflow?


Should this workflow log be executed at the end of a workflow run

Execute periodically during execution?


Should this workflow log be executed periodically during a workflow run

Interval in seconds


if executed periodically, indicates the interval at which the workflow log is executed