Hop Web Development Guide

Building or customizing Hop Web

Building and setting up your own Hop Web environment is straightforward.

The steps to set up the default Docker image are included in a helper script docker/create_hop_web_container.sh in the Hop code base. This should get you started to make modifications or create your own version entirely.

#set working dir to current location
cd "${0%/*}"

#unzip files for docker image
unzip ../assemblies/web/target/hop.war -d ../assemblies/web/target/webapp
unzip ../assemblies/plugins/dist/target/hop-assemblies-*.zip -d ../assemblies/plugins/dist/target/

#build docker image
docker build ../ -f Dockerfile.web -t hop-web

rm -rf ../assemblies/web/target/webapp
rm -rf ../assemblies/plugins/dist/target/plugins