Asynchronous Web Service


This web service variant is used to execute long-running workflows. Instead of getting immediate results from a pipeline with a Web Service call, the only thing that is given back after the call in the unique ID of the executing workflow. With that unique ID you can query the status of the workflow. You can specify additional variables to report back during the querying of the status of the asynchronously running workflow.


Option Description


The name to be used for this Asynchronous Web Services


Boolean flag to indicated whether this web service is enabled or not


The workflow to use for this web service, with options to open the selected workflow ('Open'), create a new workflow ('New'), or browse to select an existing workflow ('Browse')

Status variables (, separated)

List the variables that are being reported back when the asynchronous status service is queried

Content variable

The name of the variable which will contain the content body of the service call

More information

For more details on the Asynchronous Web Service and usage examples, check the Asynchronous Web Service page in the Hop Server docs.