Memgraph is largely compatible with Neo4j and can use a lot of the Neo4j functionality in Apache Hop. Memgraph focuses on in-memory, realtime and scalable analytics.

The Memgraph compatibility with Neo4j allows you to use a lot of the Neo4j functionality in Apache Hop with Memgraph.

Run Memgraph in docker

The --bolt-server-name-for-init=Neo4j/ parameter needs to be set to allow Apache Hop to connect to a Memgraph database over the bolt protocol. More information is available in the memgraph docs.

Example command to start a Memgraph server in a container:

docker run -it -p 7687:7687 -p 7444:7444 -p 3000:3000 -e MEMGRAPH="--bolt-server-name-for-init=Neo4j/" memgraph/memgraph-platform

What works

known issues

Memgraph’s index syntax differs from the Neo4j syntax, which causes the Neo4j index and Neo4j constraint actions to fail.

Creating indexes through a Cypher action or a Cypher transform fails with an error similar to ERROR: org.neo4j.driver.exceptions.ClientException: Index manipulation not allowed in multicommand transactions..

Check the Memgraph docs for more information on indexing.