Check Files Locked


The Check Files Locked action loops over a list of files to check if they are locked by another process.

The way that it verified is by renaming a file to the same name as before. On certain operating systems (MS Windows systems in particular) this operation will fail if the file is locked.


Option Description

Workflow action name

The name of the workflow action. Note: This name has to be unique in a single workflow. A workflow action can be placed several times on the canvas, however it will be the same workflow action.

Settings: Include subfolders

Enable this option to also check files in subfolders of specified folders

Settings: Copy previous results to args?

Pass the result rows of a previous workflow action execution to the files list of this action.


Here you can list a series of files or folders with wildcards.

The wildcards are Java Regular expressions. For instance .*\.txt would check any file with a .txt extension.

Please note that you can use the Delete/Edit buttons to edit the list. You can also use the File/Folder and Wildcard actions right above the list to add new actions, browse for files and so on