Truncate Tables


The Truncate Tables action truncates one or several tables at once without writing 0 SQL command.


Option Description

Workflow action name

The name of the workflow action.


Name of the database connection on which the tables reside. Use "Edit…​" and "New…​" to edit and/or create a new connection.

Previous results to args?

Check this option if you want to get in a dynamic way tables to truncate from results of previous workflow action.

Click here to return tables name list

This button will return all tables defined on the connection. Select tables (one or several) and press "OK". Tables name will be automatically added to "Selected tables" grid.

Selected tables grid

Specify here the tables to truncate (insert it manually or use the previous button). If the table is in a different schema that the default one, please specify the schema name.


Remove actions from grid (select one several actions and click on this button to remove it).


Click on this button to save workflow action settings changes


Discard workflow action settings changes