FTP delete


The FTP delete action deletes files on an FTP server.



Option Description

Workflow action name

The name of the workflow action. Note: This name has to be unique in a single workflow. A workflow action can be placed several times on the canvas, however it will be the same workflow action.


  • FTP

  • FTPS

  • SFTP

  • SSH

FTP server name/IP address

The name of the server or the IP address.

Server Port

Port number of the FTP server.


The user name associated with FTP server account.


The password associated the FTP server account.

Connection type

FTPS connection type.

  • FTP

  • Implicit SSL

  • Authentication SSL

  • Implicit SSL with crypted FTP connection

  • Authentication TLS

  • Implicit TLS

  • Implicit TLS with crypted FTP connection

Use proxy

Whether or not to use a proxy.

Proxy host

Proxy server host name.

Proxy port

Proxy server port number.

Proxy username

Proxy server account user name.

Proxy password

Proxy server account password.

Use Public Key

Whether or not to use a public key with an SSH connection.

Key file

The public key file.


Browse the filesystem for a public key file.

Key passphrase

The public key passphrase.

Test connection

Tests the configured connection.


Option Description


The timeout period.

Use active FTP connection

Enable if you are connecting to the FTP server using Active mode; you must set your firewall to accept connections to the port that your FTP client will open. The default is Passive mode.

Copy previous results to args?

Remote directory

The directory on the remote FTP server.

Check folder

Checks if the directory exists.

Wildcard (regular expression)

Success on

The success condition

  • All works fine

  • At least we delete x files

  • Nr errors less than

Limit files

Sets a limit to the number of deleted files (default 10).

Socks Proxy

Option Description


Socks Proxy host name.


Socks Proxy port number.


User name associated with the Socks Proxy account.


Password associated with the Socks Proxy account.