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The Abort tranform aborts a running pipeline as soon as it receives input data. The main use case for this transform is to throw an error when an unexpected or unwanted situation occurs.

For example, you can use this transform so that a pipeline can be aborted after x number of rows flow to over an error hop.

Supported Engines

Hop Engine









Option Description

Transform name

Name of the transform.

Abort threshold

The threshold of number of rows after which to abort the pipeline. E.g. If threshold is 0, the abort transform will abort after seeing the first row. If threshold is 5, the abort transform will abort after seeing the sixth row.

Abort message

The message to put in the log upon aborting. If not filled in a default message will be used.

Always log

Always log the rows processed by the Abort transform. This allows the rows to be logged although the log level of the pipeline would normally not do it. This way you can always see in the log which rows caused the pipeline to abort.