The JavaScript transform allows you to create JavaScript scripts for each transform.


Option Description

Transform name

Name of the transform this name has to be unique in a single pipeline.


Displays a list of scripts you have created in this transform.


A list of pre-defined, static constants.


Contains a variety of String, Numeric, Date, Logic and specialized functions you can use to create your script. To add a function to your script, simply double-click on the function or drag it to the location in your script that you wish to insert it.

Input Fields

A list of inputs coming into the transform. Double-click or use drag and drop to insert the field into your script.

Output Fields

A list of outputs for the transform.

Java Script

This section is where you edit the script for this transform. You can insert functions, constants, input fields, etc. from the tree control on the left by double-clicking on the node you wish to insert or by dragging the object onto the Java Script panel.


The Fields table contains a list of variables from your script including the ability to add metadata like a descriptive name.

Get Variables

Retrieves a list of variables from your script.

Test script

Use this button to test the syntax of your script.