MonetDB Bulk Loader


The MonetDB Bulk loader can be used to Bulk load data to MonetDB, this transform greatly improves the spead to load data to MonetDB.



Transform name : Specify the unique name of the MongoDB Output transform in the pipeline. Connection : Select your MonetDB database connection

General Settings tab

This tab contains the destination settings, buffer size and location for the logfile.

Field Description

Target Schema

Specify the database schema that has to be used.

Target Table

Specify the database table, use the Browse button next to this field to use a menu to select the table and schema

Buffer size (rows)

Specify how many rows will be kept in memory before transferring to MonetDB

Log file

Specify the location for the Bulk command logs returned from MonetDB

Truncate table

Remove all data from the destination table before loading the data.

Fully quote all SQL statements

Forces quotes around all objects when executing

MonetDB Settings tab

This tab contains information about the temporary files that are generated to load the data.

Field Description

Field separator

This is the separator that will be used in the Bulk copy command, it is not allowed to have this field in the input data.

Field enclosure

The enclosure character used around values.

Null values represented

Null values will be converted to this string, this allows to differentiate empty strings and null values.


File encoding used when generating the files for the copy statement.

Output Fields tab

This tab contains the source to target mapping.