Strings cut


The Strings cut transform allows you to cut a portion of a substring. If the designated field is out of range, it returns blank.


Option Description

Transform name

Name of the transform.

In stream field

Name of the field whose substring to cut.

Out stream field

When a field name is given here, the transform creates a new field with the substring. Otherwise the original field gets replaced by the substring.

Cut from

Designate where to begin cutting the substring. This value is 0-based, thus the first character in a string is 0.

Cut to

Designate where to end cutting the substring. This value is exclusive (1-based), so using a 1 includes the first character. The maximum length of the new string is Cut to minus Cut from.

Metadata Injection Support

All fields of this transform support metadata injection. You can use this transform with ETL Metadata Injection to pass metadata to your pipeline at runtime.