Neo4j Cypher Script


With this action you can execute Cypher statements in a workflow. The goal is not to retrieve data but to execute various statements like creating or dropping indexes, calling APOC procedures, add or delete some static data and so on.


To allow you to enter semi-colons (;) in commands, strings and so on we require you to separate commands with a semi-colon on a new line

Configuration options

Option Description

Connection name

The name of the connection on which you want to execute the cypher statements.


The script with cypher commands seperated by a semi-colon (;) on a new line. For examples see below.

Replace variables

Check this option if you want to replace variables in the format ${VARIABLE_NAME} in the script prior to execution.


CREATE INDEX idx_company_id on :Company(id)
CREATE INDEX idx_company_id on :Company(id)