String operations


With the String Operations transform, you can perform the following string operations on an incoming Hop field:

  • Trim (remove leading and/or trailing spaces).

  • Convert to upper or lowercase.

  • Pad (add leading or trailing extra characters).

  • Convert to initial capitalization.

  • Ignore escape characters.

  • Remove or return only numeric digits.

  • Remove special characters..


Option Description

Transform name

Name of the transform.

In stream field

Designate the field to transform.

Out stream field

Designate the name of the field to be created.

Trim type

Designate the trim type: none, left, right, or both.


Designate upper or lowercase.


Designate left or right padding.

Pad char

Designate the padding character.

Pad Length

Designate how long the padding will be.


Transform to initial capitalization.


Define to Escape or Unescape XML, HTML, use CDATA or Escape SQL.


Designate whether to return remove, or do nothing to digits.

Remove Special character

Designate a special character to remove.

Metadata Injection Support

All fields of this transform support metadata injection. You can use this transform with ETL Metadata Injection to pass metadata to your pipeline at runtime.

Values for Metadata Injection

Field Values

In stream fields

list of source fields

Out stream fields

list of target fields

Trim Type

0 = none
1 = left
2 = right
3 = both


0 = none
1 = lower
2 = upper


0 = none
1 = left
2= right

Pad Char

Character used for padding

Pad Length

Lenght to pad


0 = no
1 = yes


0 = none
1 = escapexml
2 = cdata
3 = unescapexml
4 = escapesql
5 = escapehtml
6 = unescapehtml


0 = none
1 = digits_only
2 = remove_digits

Remove Special character

0 = none
1 = cr
2 = lf
3 = crlf
4 = tab
5 = espace